Which Toyota 4Runner Trim Is Right for You?

Toyota 4Runner Muskogee
It’s no secret that the Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular SUVs on the market today. With its beautiful mix of form and function, it serves its owners well for a night on the town or a day in the mountains. Toyota 4Runner SR5 — Starting at $34,010* The 4Runner...[read more]

Who Should Consider the Toyota Sienna?

Toyota Sienna Muskogee
At Jay Hodge Toyota, we realize that not all vehicles are for everyone. That is why we carry a wide selection to serve just about anybody in our community. One vehicle from the Toyota lineup that is more versatile than it seems at first glance is the Toyota Sienna. People with...[read more]

Know These Things before Leasing Your Toyota

Leasing Toyota Muskogee
Lease a Toyota to drive a vehicle while enjoying lower monthly payments. Leasing lets you get a new model every few years so you can always enjoy the latest features. Because the monthly payments are lower, you can afford to lease a nicer trim than you would be able to...[read more]

Toyota Is Working Hard to Keep Children Safe

Toyota Children Muskogee
Toyota knows what it takes to keep every passenger in your vehicle safe, which is why it uses virtual collision simulations as well as physical collisions with traditional crash test dummies. The simulations are a great starting point. They allow Toyota to make any necessary adjustments early on in the...[read more]

2016 Toyota Corolla vs. 2016 Mazda3

2016 Toyota Corolla Mazda3 Muskogee
Trying to figure out which compact sedan to drive around Muskogee doesn’t have to be a challenge. You likely will find yourself comparing the 2016 Toyota Corolla and Mazda3, both of which are popular and reliable models. As long as you know what factors to look at, you will be...[read more]

Must-Try Family Restaurants in Muskogee

Toyota Highlander Muskogee
Hop in your Toyota Highlander and start exploring the best restaurants that Muskogee has to offer. The Highlander is the ideal choice for families with its three rows of seating and excellent fuel economy, whether you choose the Highlander Hybrid. You can fit up to eight passengers in the Highlander...[read more]

Toyota RAV4: A Toyota Model for Techies

Toyota RAV4 Muskogee
The Toyota RAV4 recently made headlines when the new hybrid version became available, but it has been a favorite among techies for a long time. Between advanced safety technology, connectivity, and infotainment, the RAV4 has tech for everyone, including the latest features. Best of all, a great deal of the...[read more]

2016 Toyota Tundra Innovative Safety Features

Toyota Tundra Muskogee
Get behind the wheel of the 2016 Toyota Tundra for a test drive, and you will love the excellent ride height that gives you a view of your surroundings. While this is an excellent tool to help you spot obstacles and stay safe, the Tundra also has numerous innovative features...[read more]

Sedan Matchup: 2016 Toyota Corolla vs. 2016 Nissan Altima

Toyota Corolla Nissan Altima Muskogee
Look at the roads in Muskogee, and you will notice plenty of sedans of varying size and style. Although they are different sizes, many local drivers have problems choosing between the 2016 Toyota Corolla and 2016 Nissan Altima. The Altima is the larger of the two vehicles and considered a...[read more]

2017 Toyota Camry Trim Options: LE vs. XLE vs. SE

Toyota Camry Oklahoma
Get to know the trims on the 2017 Toyota Camry to figure out which one you prefer to drive around Oklahoma. There are currently five different trims, including a Special Edition version. The Special Edition slots in above the LE and SE while the XSE and XLE sit above it....[read more]